7 Things You Didn’t Know Were Forests Products

The value of forests to human life is incredibly absolute. That’s right; forests provide us with so much – clean water, pure air, beautiful fauna & flora, and tranquil environment. Sure, you know that forests are teeming with a huge variety of trees that offer us household products we can’t live without. From toilet paper to printing paper and everything in-between, products from forests are all around us.

But did you know that forests provide us with the following everyday things?

#1. Cleaning Sponges

Squishy and soft products like sponges are actually manufactured from wood fibres. Oh yeah, the next time you are cleaning your windows with a sponge, take a moment to think about the fabulous forests.

#2. Latex Gloves

I bet you cannot clean your dishes without hand gloves. How about your favourite dentist or doctor – how could they operate without latex surgical gloves? That’s right! Both household and medical hand gloves are made from natural latex, a nifty substance that’s derived from rubber trees.

#3. Car Wax

The beauty of car wax is that it can restore the lustre and “new feel” of your vehicle. But did you know that car wax is derived from a type of palm tree found only in the Amazon forest?

#4. Hair Dye

Natural hair dye has become an attractive alternative to harmful synthetic dyes. This safe, 100% natural hair dye comes from the leaves, barks, and nutshells of henna tree found in East Asian forests.

#5. Chocolate

I am sure the thought of chocolate tickles your taste buds. The next time you munch into these savoury treats, think about the rich tropical forest of the Latin America and West Africa. Chocolate is essentially a product of cacao tree which is native to South and Central American rain forests.

#6. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum has been around since time immemorial partly because they are made out of tree parts from natural forests. While most of the today’s widely used gum brands encompass the use of synthetic alternatives, it all started with chicle sap, a gum base derived from Sapodilla trees.

#7. Wine Corks

We love the riot of flavours and smell of wine thanks to cork stoppers. Interestingly, wine corks are made from the cork oak, a fascinating tree that can survive for up to a quarter of a millennium. Every decade or so, these trees from parts of European forests are stripped for their corks to come up with wine stoppers.

These are just but a few products you didn’t know come from trees that grow in our forests. The more reasons we should take great care of our forests, right?