How to Get Along Perfectly with Flatmates in a Flatshare Birmingham

Living in a flatshare in a vibrant city such as Birmingham is one of the most memorable periods in a lifetime. You get to meet people from all sorts of backgrounds, cultures, beliefs and personalities. It is an eye opener as well as an opportunity to make life long friends. There is so much more  to be had from a flatshare than just an affordable rent. However, not all flatshares get along smoothly. Conflicts arise from issues such as finances, cleaning and sheer nuisance. Follow these tips for a smooth Flatshare Birmingham.

Learn to communicate

Your flatmates will never know that you get irritated at having your favorite pillow moved until you say so. Communication is important to set expectations and guidelines early in the arrangement. Lack of clear communicationonly keeps things under the wraps to blow up later with bitter consequences.

Establish boundaries

Some people never realize how intrusive they are, and will keep popping in and out of your room when all you need is some quiet and alone. Establishing boundaries like ‘NO ENTRY INTO MY ROOM AFTER 10 P.M.’ will do a lot to keep the peace.

Do stuff together

If you are an avid gamer, introduce your flatmates to the wonders of the Playstation and you might be surprised at how much they get fond of it. Doing stuff together establishes new grounds for common interests and bonding. Even simple things such as having  drinks together do a lot to make you a tight group.

Learn to compromise

You can never have perfect flatmates. People have different ways of doing things from how you do them. Getting irritated that the plates were arranged facing up instead of upside down in the dishwasher is just being a jerk. Learn to compromise as long as the compromise does not make you uncomfortable.

Set house rules

Setting house rules ensures that everyone knows what is expected of them, what is appropriate and inappropriate. A set of house rules should be clearly stuck on  a visible point so that everyone is constantly reminded, for example, that no pets are allowed in the house.

Have a duty rota

Everyone should do their fair share of keeping the house habitable. This includes   chores like washing the dishes, and cleaning the bathroom. If this is not possible, establish a common fund for hiring a cleaning service.

Stay hygienic

As much as it is your right to shower only once in a week, your stale smell can be quite offputting at the breakfast table. Clean up and stay clean.