Top Moving Tips with Easi Movers Man with a Van Service

Moving day is hectic and can be a bit overwhelming if not planned well. Easi movers man with a van service say that they see most of their customers underestimating this project. Emotions can run a bit high if the project is not planned well and goes awry. This could lead to misplacing items and other unhappy events. However, Easi movers say that things could be a lot smoother if you followed some basic guidelines.

  1. Start early – preparation is everything. Easi movers say that to move a big house smoothly, you will need at least 2 months of preparation. A small house needs at least 1 month preparation.
  2. Declutter – Throwing away stuff you no longer need is a good idea. It saves you packing space and also signifies a new beginning. Dump the junk and give away useful old stuff to charity.
  3. Packing boxes – Get good quality packing boxes early enough. They are to be found in plenty in supermarkets, bookshops or liquor stores.
  4. Wrapping too – Not all of your stuff will fit perfectly in the packing boxes. You will need wrapping to keep items knocking against each other and breaking for example glassware or fine china.
  5. Pack room to room – Make a checklist of what to carry and move room to room when packing. This ensures you do not misplace any items.
  6. Load sensibly – All heavy items should go to the bottom. They make a good base to place other items.
  7. Use a professional service – Get a good man and van service. This will solve half your problems as an experienced removals crew will not overlook anything and do more to make everything smoothly.
  8. Make an inventory – This will ensure that everything that needs to move is in the packing boxes. Tick off the checklist as you are packing. Have a separate bag with all the items you will need immediately after moving in to the new house e.g. blankets, plates, tissue etc.
  9. Label carefully – Careful labelling ensures that items go into the rooms they are supposed to. You can use different colours for different rooms to help the moving crew unload easier. Breakables and fragile items should be carefully labelled to be handled with care.
  10. Precious stuff – Money, jewellery and personal documents should not be loaded with other stuff. Carry these items on your person to avoid misplacing.
  11. Collaborate – You should plan together with the man with a van service. Agree on the date and route so that there are no misunderstandings on moving day.