5 Questions to Ask a Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

As a landlord preparing your vacant units for occupation, you are looking for a professional job that can restore your unit just as new. Some units will prove harder to clean than others as some tenants leave their previous houses in a disastrous state. You will need a professional end of tenancy cleaning service that can do a proper job the first time round. Using a professional cleaning crew will guarantee that potential clients will be impressed with your units. Your units are likely to be occupied faster and you will be in a position to ask for higher rents. But there are some things you will need to know when engaging a professional end of tenancy cleaning london service.

What is off-limits?

There will be a wide scope of work when cleaning a house that has been occupied for long. You should know what tasks the cleaning service will not handle. Some will say hazardous and poisonous waste. Some will be reluctant to handle animal and human waste and fluids. Some will shy off handling heavy items for fear of liability claims. Get a clarification on off-limit tasks so that there are no disputes over uncompleted work.

Do I need to be around?

Do you feel more comfortable being around when the work is going on? Many cleaning crews will not mind you being around unless you are too meddlesome. There are advantages of being around. You can handle any issues about the scope of work as they come up. You will also be able to make it cleaning smoother by opening closed spaces and so on.

What preparations are needed?

Is there anything the cleaning crew needs from you for the job? Do they need any of your equipment or materials? Typically, a cleaning crew will come on the job with all they need in equipment and cleaning materials but they could be missing some petty thing like a rag. It is good to get clarification anyway to get it out of the way.

What if the job is not satisfactory?

Sometimes the job will not be done to the required standards. How do you raise a dispute in such a case, and how fast will the cleaning service take to repeat the job? Are there any charges for a repeat job?  Get clarification to these answers to avoid loss of funds on repeat jobs.

Engaging a professional end of tenancy cleaning services to work on your rental units improves their occupancy rates and your bargaining power with potential tenants.